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Twitty Park was the subject of a civil action styled The Glynn Environmental Coalition, Inc. and Jane Fraser v. SIA Propco II, LLC, County of Glynn Georgia and John and Jane Does, In the Superior Court of Glynn County, Civil Action No: CE16-00025-063 (the “Twitty Park Lawsuit”). Judge Stephen Kelley entered a Final Order in the Twitty Park Lawsuit that voided Glynn County’s transfer of Twitty Park to Sea Island Company and its affiliate SIA Propco II, LLC. Glynn County and Sea Island Company opposed the relief I sought in the Twitty Park Lawsuit and argued that Twitty Park was not subject to the public trust doctrine that prevents a county from disposing of park property for other uses. Judge Kelley ruled against Glynn County and Sea Island Company and specifically found that Twitty Park may not be disposed of until it “is no longer used by the public or is unsuitable for such use” and that “any attempt by the County to dispose of the property would be ultra vires.” Ultra vires is a Latin legal term meaning “beyond the powers of.” Rest assured, Twitty Park is still used as a public park today.

Recently, Sea Island Company has been working behind the scenes with Glynn County to try a work-around of Judge Kelley’s order. Sea Island Company wants a roundabout at the intersection of Frederica Road and Sea Island Road regardless of the best interests of the general public. I understand that certain persons in the Glynn County government are coordinating with Sea Island Company in an effort to take a portion of Twitty Park so that Glynn County can construct a roundabout for Sea Island Company. Yes, public employees and County commissioners are contemplating using public monies (your taxes) and public trust property (your Twitty Park) to do a project for the benefit of a large private company owned by one of the wealthiest persons in the United States.

Should Glynn County attempt to use Twitty Park for anything other than a public park, I am prepared to go back to Judge Kelley to enforce his Final Order that Glynn County and Sea Island Company will be blatantly violating. Some may ask why I haven’t done so yet given statements by our public employees and County commissioners in favor of a roundabout that takes in portions of Twitty Park. The answer is simple: it’s not necessary yet. Judge Kelly’s order is the law of the land. Twitty Park is protected for use as a public park. The County and Sea Island Company knows this and are trying to create pretext for doing it anyway. I am monitoring the situation and assure you that I stand prepared to move quickly to protect our beautiful park from Glynn County and Sea Island Company if they ever again try to violate the law and the public’s interest in Twitty Park.

Please contact your Commissioners at and express your opposition to this roundabout. This would forever damage our unique park, given in trust to us by T.L. Cain in 1924.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. We are prepared to take all legal action necessary to make sure Glynn County complies with the legal requirements, including its Public Trust duties.

Jane Fraser
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